Adjust A Wings – Superior Hydroponic Lighting!

We here at Caloundra Hydroponics are HUGE supporters of the Adjust A Wings range. The range includes the 315W CMH, perfect for smaller grows or mother plants, the 630W CMH and the 600-750W Hellion HPS. We’ve been using these lights on our own grows (come in store and see!) and we have been more than impressed by the results. In our view Adjust A Wings have produced a light combination that is second to none.
The lights not only achieved A-grade produce on top, but the radiant energy generated from the lights has produced flowers and fruits of good quality through the entire plant.
Having seen the results this mixed spectrum combination produces we certainly have no hesitation recommending Adjust A Wings to anyone.

Here’s a little more about Adjust A Wings:
The Adjust A Wings Hellion Illumination Kit is considered one of the best solutions for double-ended high pressure sodium lamps on the market.
DE-HPS lamps are incredibly efficient which means they emit a lot of light useful to the plant. Many growers have overlooked this issue of excess heat generated from these lamps. They can run extremely hot!
Growers looking to benefit from the superior output of DE-HPS have mostly been forced to compromise due to their choice of reflector. Small, deeper dish reflectors accumulate quite a lot of head and spread light too wide. To counter this, growers usually position their lights up to a metre or more above their plants in order to protect them from excess heat. While this method works to a point, but only by sacrificing efficiency. There can be a huge loss of light to walls and walkways meaning more watts need to be used to illuminate the area. This means more time and energy needs to be spent cooling the room to a suitable temperature.
Adjust A Wings take a totally different approach – the unique shape and design of their reflectors means that the heat is dissipated and can escape the reflector, instead of it turning into an oven. Light is uniformly reflected but remains just as intense because the lamp can be positioned up to 45cm from the plant canopy without any issues at all. If you tried this with less forgiving reflectors you would literally cook your plants and destroy your crop.
Adjust-A-Wings makes advanced DE-HPS technology accessible to all growers, whether you’re at the top of the game or a home grower.

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