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The Pro Grow ULV Micron Fogger is an all-in-one grow area and foliar applicator that delivers fine droplets, ranging from 10 to 25 microns, much smaller than conventional spray devices.


The new Pro Grow LED 60 W Model X LED single bar uses Phillips diodes with an efficacy of over 2.4 µmols/S. The Pro Grow LED 60 W Model X LED single bar emits 6,500 Kelvin, vegetative spectrum with an industry leading CRI of 90. Coupled with ultra-reliable Optimum drivers, these lightweight bars offer cool, [...]


The Pro Grow Heat Mat is designed for use with the Mondi 3 Piece Propagation Kit. The Pro Grow Heat Mat provides bottom heat to increase plant germination and cutting strike rate. Use in cool climates to raise the root zone temperature 5-10 degrees C above ambient air temperature. For best practice always place the [...]


The filtration demands of indoor gardeners are unique and special. With most indoor gardens, the air is passing not slowly, but extremely quickly over the carbon’s surface. This is due to the grower’s need to efficiently extract the hot air generated by grow lights. This is where differences between traditional air filtration and horticultural filtration [...]


Pro Grow Flood & Drain Trays are made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic. Pro Grow Flood and Drain Trays have stronger corners and thicker walls than any others in their class. Easy to clean. 4 mm thick. Two sizes available. 998 x 998 x 150 mm and 1203 x 1203 x 150mm.