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Bubble Bags


Perfect for the filtration of herbal materials for oils, soaps, perfumes, high protein nut milks and much more!

Pollen extraction made easy. Just add ICE and Water!


Oil Extraction Kit


 A simple extraction kit used to extract fragrances and oils from flowers

Comes complete with cloth and instruction booklet.


The perfect Vacuum Pump for use with Vacuum chambers under 5L capacity.


Billy Mate – The Ultimate All In One Infusion Machine   Introducing the game-changing Billy Mate All In One Infusion Machine! Are you ready to elevate your cooking game and create irresistible infused treats? Look no further! This incredible device is designed to make cooking with cannabis or other herbs a breeze. One of its [...]


Clean, colourless and non-odourised. R600 N-Butane is 99.99% pure and supplied in DOT-APPROVED 4BA-240 cylinders. Each cylinder is equipped with an internal liquid siphon dip tube so that inverting the cylinder is not required to deliver liquid butane. Bottle fitting is a 1/4’’ male SAE thread




For Herbal Extractions you should only use the most PURE Butane available. DO NOT use lighter and BBQ Butane cans which can be Toxic. Puretane is a clean butane fuel manufactured in the USA to extremely high standards of quality. Puretane is 99.9998% pure N-butane, with only 0.0002% Isobutane. Puretane is shipped in 300ml food-grade [...]


This chamber is sure to last 10,000 uses with proper care and maintenance. Includes: 1 x 1.5 Gallon high strength Stainless Steel Chamber 1 x Industrial grade silicone gasket Gasket can withstand 39°F max temp. 60A durometer density 1 x Glycerin filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival) Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea [...]