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Bio Diesel nutrients is on a mission to lift the standard of quality and raise the nutritional value of Australian Hydroponic and organic produce.

Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel


BIO DIESEL Designed for increased essential oil production and heavier overall bud and flower size. Bio Diesel puts the biology back into hydroponic systems.   The original BIO DIESELcombines the best bloom stimulants mother nature has on offer. Sustainably sourced and manufactured, Bio Diesel is made by blending fully digested vegetable proteins, complex sugars, Fulvic [...]

Bio Diesel

Green Diamond


This is a complete base nutrient rich in ALL required macro and micro nutrients required for vigorous growth and flowering. Designed for high performance Hydroponic and Coco Fibre systems. It contains natural chelates and organic plant metabolites, combined with pure minerals of the highest quality. Additional Trace elements, B Vitamins, Fulvic acid and Bio Stimulants [...]

Bio Diesel



ALOEVATE A 100% Natural plant tonic that contains hundreds of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Made from blended desert plant extracts, it contains natural salicylic acid (silica) Auxins, Amino Acids, Saponins and enzymes that enhance microlife, protect your root zone and break down any dead roots and unused mineral salts to keep the plant roots clean [...]


Made from a blend of Organic Sea Algae Extracts and Bio Diesels famous Bio Stimulants, Bio Diesel Supernatural helps your plants create massive lateral feeder roots, increased nutrient uptake and immediate plant response.

Bio Diesel

Crystal Clear


CRYSTAL CLEAR COCO FLUSH Crystal Clearhas been designed specifically for Coco Fibre to release the ionic bond between locked up minerals and coco fibre which helps to clear nutrient pathways and make nutrients mobile again when fertilizers are later applied. Crystal Clearremoves the harsh taste and presence of fertilizers or unwanted chemicals from the finished [...]


Bio Diesel Bio-One Microbial Inoculant is a powerful plant inoculant that revolutionises your root zone. Our unique blend of beneficial plant and ocean ferments introduces a diverse community of salt-tolerant microbes, accelerating nutrient cycling and signalling.

Bio Diesel

Rhino K


RHINO K New Rhino K Potassium Bloom Booster   Harder Flowers with more swollen enlarged bud calyxes and higher trichome production.   Rhino K promotes more flowering sites with denser development and heavy blooms. This unique form of Potassium, combined with Vitamins and Fulvates ensures maximum nutrient availability while also increasing the transfer of key [...]

Bio Diesel

Marine CAMG+


MARINE Natural sea ingredients including crustacean derived calcium and magnesium from ancient sea bed deposits. MarineCaMg+ contains cytokinins from deep water kelp extracts, laden with cytokinins to boost lateral branching, and speed up cell division increasing overall plant growth rates. Marine CaMg+ also contains added Nitrogen and is very efficient at instantly treating deficiencies in [...]