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CANNA is the Dutch expert in cultivating your favourite crops.


Canna BioCanna Bio Vega has been developed especially for the plants' growth phase.


Canna Coco A & B All-In-One Growth/Flower is a complete professional nutrient for growing plants in coco. It contains all the essential elements for optimal growing and flowering.


Canna Terra Flores Flower Boost is a complete professional nutrient for the flowering phase of plants.


Canna CalMag Agent ensures a balanced amount of calcium and magnesium specially designed to add to your nutrients.


Canna Aqua Flores A & B is a complete two part nutrient for plants, containing all the essential elements for optimal flowering. Canna Aqua Flores A & B is used in recirculating systems, such as NFT or ebb and flow systems.


Canna PK 13/14 Flower Boost is a high grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium that is added during the flowering phase. Both elements play a big role during the generative phase of plants.


Canna RhizoTonic Root Boost is a powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for plant roots. It contains multiple vitamins and is 100% natural. Canna RhizoTonic Root Boost adds more than 60 microbiological substances that considerably speed up the growth of a balanced root environment.




Enhance the vitality and root structure of your plants using Canna Cannazym. This concentrated solution is the ideal choice for improving your plant's overall well-being.


CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich potting mix for plant cultivation. Your plants grow best in a nitrogen-rich potting mix. CANNA Terra Professional potting mix is unlike anything you will find in a garden centre. It contains a blend of upgraded black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite. If you are going to grow indoors or outdoors, [...]


Canna Terra Vega Growth Stimulant is a complete professional nutrient for the growing phase of plants.


Canna BioCanna Bio Flores is the perfect companion for your fast-growing plants during the blooming phase. This 100% organic nutrient has been specially formulated for soil cultivation, ensuring optimal growth and abundant blooms.


Canna Bio-Boost Flavour Scent Boost is the ultimate yield-increasing tonic compatible with all Canna nutrients.