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Mills combines unique bio-mineral components to deliver a high-quality and nutrient rich solution that encourages your plants to produce at their best.


Basis A&B is a two part Base nutrient compatible with all mediums and growing systems.



Ultimate PK is an additive designed for blooming or flowering plants.

Improves the cell structure of the plant and makes the taste and aroma of the fruits full, powerful and top-class.


Mills Nutrients Drum Tap made to fit 5L and 20L containers

Simply replace your containers lid with the Mills Nutrients Drum Tap and enjoy leak-free ease of dispensing making measurements hassle free.





C4 is an addition for blooming or flowering plants. It encourages the production of oil and sugar.


Start-R is an addition with a high concentration of nitrogen that is used in the vegetative phase.



Vitalize is a high Silicate nutrient that is used throughout the life of the plant.

Vitalize is formulated to make your plants healthier, heartier, and more resistant to stress factors.