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Athena PK is the perfect bloom boosting solution to complement our range of bloom fertilisers. Designed to be used during the mid- to late-flowering phase, Athena PK is a clean liquid booster that provides a balanced blend of essential nutrients.


Athena Stack is the ultimate natural plant nutrient enriched with powerful kelp extract. This premium formula is designed to unlock your plants' true genetic potential, promoting robust growth and abundant flowering.


Discover the ultimate convenience with the Athena Pro Mix Kit. Say goodbye to the hassle of weighing, measuring, or scooping your fertilizer. Simply grab a pouch, add it to a 1-gallon jug, fill it with water, and shake until it’s fully dissolved. It’s that easy! And when you’re ready for more, find our Athena 10 [...]


Athena Fade


Description Athena Fade By providing your plants with immobile nutrients (calcium or microelements) during the critical ripening phase, fade—a non-nitrogen ending flush—avoids starvation! Excess nitrogen can be an issue when trying to promote flower development and enhance blossom quality. In the end, it’s critical to cut down on or completely remove nitrogen from the blooms. [...]


Description Athena Pro Line Grow Athena Pro Grow is a balanced soluble fertiliser combination designed for commercial planters to simplify irrigation. For a thorough and well-rounded formula, combine with Athena Pro Core. For the establishment of robust roots and lush foliage during the vegetative growth stage, a balanced diet is necessary.  Benefits of Athena Pro [...]


Description Athena Pro Line Core – 4.53kg(10LB) | 11.34kg(25LB) Athena Pro Core provides a solid foundation of nutrition for plants at all stages of development. Amino acids and chlorophyll are put together by nitrogen. Calcium helps create structure and  essential microelements for the generation of enzymes, photosynthesis, and many other critical plant functions.  Benefits of [...]


Description Athena Pro Line Bloom Athena Pro Bloom contains balanced levels of macro and micro-elements, including sulphur (S), which is used to increase potency and flavor. Increased phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) requirements in flowering plants are necessary to support greater metabolic rates and enhance floral weight.  Features of Athena Pro Line Bloom NPK balance [...]


Athena Bloom A & B is a high-quality and user-friendly 2-part formula specifically designed to support the flowering stage of growth for fruit and flower-producing plants.


Athena Grow Base Nutrient A & B is a user-friendly and effective solution specifically designed for the vegetative stage of plant growth and non-flowering plants.


Athena CaMg Nutrient Supplement is tailored to meet the specific needs of different cultivars and growing conditions. Athena CaMg Nutrient Supplement provides essential doses of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Nitrogen during crucial growth and development phases.


Athena Cleanse is made from hypochlorous acid. This mild acid is derived from salt and a proprietary electrochemical treatment process. The result is a unique chemical with powerful oxidative properties which can be used to reduce mineral scale in irrigation systems.


Introducing Athena Balance Stabiliser is the ultimate solution for achieving optimal pH and water stability in your irrigation system.