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GrofanTM is now in a range of four products in the range which have been designed for use with rigid and flexible ducting. In Line Mixed Flow fans offer two and half times the pressure of conventional axial fans, are dimensionally more compact making them ideal for many ducted applications. The impeller blade design with guide [...]


Cultiv8 Hydroponics Grow Tent Inline Fans are small, quiet inline fans that suit a variety of intake and exhaust functions for small grow tents and grow rooms.


These clamps are used with fans, silencers, reflectors, carbon filters and ductings. The soft rubber lining makes for a tight and vibration free fit.




Black ducting is handy for stopping light reflection in dark periods


Vent Fan


INLINE VENT FAN EXHAUST BOOSTER BLOWER COOL AIR For Hydroponics Grow lights Grow Tents Greenhouses Great for venting air into greenhouses and grow rooms. Will provide your plants with a consistent strong fresh airflow which as we know is a requirement for grow room setups. This Inline Exhaust Duct Blower features power motor and an [...]


Phresh pre-filter socks use a proprietary fibre count/density dacron fabric that breathes up to 50% better than off the shelf Dacron. Phresh pre filters have been tested to filter down to 50 microns which is twice as much as other off shelf dacrons. Protect your carbon filter and make sure it flows the maximum air [...]


125 mm HyperFan V2 The new 125 mm HyperFan V2 raises the bar for small room extraction fans with a whopping static pressure of 475 Pa and an airflow rating of 350 m3/h (100 L/s). Capable of venting up to 1000 W of lighting while operating restrictive carbon filter/ducting systems. The 125 mm Hyperfan V2 [...]