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Duct Clamp


Use this clamp to secure 200mm duct to a duct connector or to a spigot on an appliance. Clamp is secured using a screw driver to tighten the worm drive mechanism Please Note: To use with acoustic ducting, order one size up. To fit 6″ acoustic ducting, order 8″ clamps Stainless Steel Worm Drive.


Silver Nude Ducting


  Individually boxed in 6 metre lengths Silver Outside / Silver Inside


Experience unrivalled cooling performance with Ghost Fans Silent Inline Grow Tent Fans. Our high-output fans are designed to provide exceptional airflow while maintaining a serene and tranquil environment in and around your grow space.


Individually boxed in 5 metre lengths Double thickness rockwool insulated ducting


Max-Fan Pro



Bug net with velcro


Bug Screens are a priceless investment for any garden where pests can enter via the intake fan or open vents,  for maximum filtration a carbon filter should be used on the intake and exaust. 


Can-Fan RS



Wall Duct Connector


Wall Duct Connector’s are flanges that is used to run ducting through walls to extract air from grow rooms.


Can-Fan RK-W


RK-W (with Temperature Controller) These fans use a 3 speed motor with an integrated temperature controller. The target temperature is set by the adjustment dial. Once the temperature is detected above the target, it increases the speed of the fan to the 2nd speed. If the temperature increases further, the fan will step up to the highest (3rd) speed. The [...]


Can-Fan RK Series Centrifugal Fans are the ultimate choice for powerful and efficient ventilation.