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ALFA-MULCH is a multi-use, premium soil covering designed to repel pests, retain moisture, promote healthy plant growth and foster microbial activity.


Revitalize Your Garden with Ancient Power Unearth the ancient secrets of garden vitality with STONE-AGE, an exceptional organic mineral composite designed for modern gardening needs. Packed with a rich array of essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, and Silica, sourced from natural, ancient deposits, STONE-AGE is a testament to the timeless benefits of Earth’s natural resources. [...]


HIGH-POWR Humic Compost: The Premium Soil Enhancer HIGH-POWR humic compost is a top-tier soil amendment, far surpassing ordinary carbon sources in quality and efficacy. Made on a certified organic farm with closed-loop inputs, this compost is aged for up to a year, transforming it into a “Wagyu steak” for your soil. It’s designed to be [...]