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Anarchy Nutrients



100% ORGANIC PROPAGATING GEL KLONZE ROOTING GEL KLONZE Rooting/ Cutting Gel 100% Organic      The first 100% Organic propagating gel   For the propagation of stem cuttings   A unique blend of Willow Bark, Aloe Vera, anti-microbial agents, vitamins and minerals   HORMONES  – Contains Willow  Bark Extract a 100% Organic and stable version of the [...]

Anarchy Nutrients

RUSH 3-0-0


100% ORGANIC FOLIAR SPRAY RUSH 3-0-0 Anarchy Rush Foliar Spray 100% Organic  Contain 90 % Organic Bio Stimulates  Anarchy Rush is a natural seaweed extract that is fermented and formulated to include a complex blend of plant extracts, essential minerals and natural plant growth regulators.  The natural growth hormones in Rush aid the plant throughout [...]