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GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM Organic Living Super Soil Grow Naturally, Harvest Abundantly Elevate your garden with our flagship premium organic living super soil, crafted for high yields and natural growth. This nutrient-rich, organic soil flourishes with just water, enabling plants to effortlessly reach peak growth. Its balanced composition ensures your garden thrives cycle after cycle, thanks [...]


GRO-DIRT Lite was developed as a blend for growers who prefer to utilise direct applications of organic fertilisers to steer their crops


GRO-DIRT Guerrilla Heavy Duty Formula was developed as a blend for growers who have gardens in harsh climates, and in positions that can't be checked as often.


HOMEbox Ambient Q120 Astoundingly productive! Nothing performs like a 600-watt HID grow light housed in a growbox HOMEbox® Ambient Q120! It’s all thanks to the PAR+ super reflective inner lining. Plants develop faster and produce more flowers and fruit because more plant-usable light is directed at the canopy. Crop quality is also remarkable due to [...]


HOMEbox Ambient R120 The perfect fit! Hobby growers looking to make the most of a single 600-watt grow light need look no further! This new ingenious design provides just over a square meter of growing space, but in rectangular form. Why? Because it’s ideally proportioned to exploit every photon from a 600-watt HID grow light [...]


HOMEbox Ambient Q100+ The hydrocultivator + Like the Ambient Q100, the HOMEbox® Ambient Q100+ model has one square meter of usable space, but with a height of 2.20 meters it offers even more scope for an optimal breeding environment. For optimal illumination, plant lights of up to 400 watts are ideal; they provide your favorites [...]


HOMEbox Ambient Q100 The Hydro Dynamo! The generous height of 2 meters makes the Ambient Q100 model, with a square meter of usable space, a particularly good choice when using hydroponic systems in which the plants are kept at a distance from the ground. As is always to be expected with the Original HOMEbox®, you [...]


HOMEbox Ambient R80S Perfect Add-On for cuttings! Compact but powerful! The Ambient R80S grow box is suitable for growing plants and seedlings or for cultivating sprouts in the smallest of spaces. Fully equipped with the optimally reflecting PAR+ inner coating and illuminated with an LED or fluorescent tube, you can ideally take care of vigorous [...]


HOMEbox Ambient Q60+ Ideal for beginners The grow box Ambient Q60+ is ideal for those hobby gardeners who like their own herbs or other compact growing plants, according to the want to grow individual claim. The remarkable thing about this one Model is that it only takes up as much space as a small bookshelf [...]


HOMEbox Ambient Q30 Small can be beautiful! A premium quality HOMEbox® ambient grow box – only in miniature! So everyone is sure to find a place which he became a grower with his own cultivation project in the apartmentcan be. Thanks to the Ambient Q30, the smallest grow box in the product family. With external [...]


The Ambient Q120+ growbox is a clear favourite among dedicated indoor growers and can be used for all stages of the plant lifecycle, a super-productive grow-box!


Are you experienced? probably…are your plants? They’re gonna be!   RHIZO-MOJO plantadelic perception enhancer is our latest infinity stone, designed to fit within the universe our ANTI-MATTER & DARK-MATTER living microbial formulas occupy.   This cutting edge formula has been developed to enhance the functioning of our established Microbial formulations and to further boost the effectivity of our GRO-DIRT living supersoil range [...]

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