A Closer Look: Unveiling the Power of Anarchy Nutrients

In the dynamic world of plant cultivation the pursuit of optimal growth and health is a perpetual quest. Amidst this landscape, Anarchy Nutrients, based in Australia, emerge as a beacon of innovation, offering a comprehensive range of nutrient solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of Aussie growers. Grounded in their philosophy of learning from Mother Nature, rather than competing with her, Anarchy Nutrients strive to replicate her wisdom through research and development, creating products that harness the power of natural process.

The foundation of Anarchy Nutrients’ successes lie in their meticulously curated product lineup, with each formulation crafted to deliver optimal results across various stages of plant development.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few of their flagship offerings:

You can view Anarchy Nutrients HUGE range in full here.

– Anarchy Base Nutrients A & B

A and B base nutrients typically refer to two separate solutions that contain essential nutrients for plant growth through the entirety of your grow. These solutions are used together to provide a balanced nutrient supply to your plants.

Available in both Liquid and Powder form – each solution serves a specific purpose. Base A provides essential macronutrients for vigorous growth, while Base B supplies micronutrients for enhanced plant health.

  • Integration of the growth and flowering phases
  • Comprehensive amino acid profile containing all 22 amino acids
  • Amplifies nutrient uptake. Stabilises pH levels      
  • Suitable for both vegetative and bloom cycles
  • Builds Strong Roots and Stems
  • Greener Foliage
  • Enhanced Buds

– Anarchy Nutrients Cal Mag

Supplementing with Anarchy Nutrients Cal Mag is essential for correcting deficiencies in plants, mitigating issues such as rust spots, discolouration, stress and chlorophyll depletion, while simultaneously promoting plant growth by enhancing growth rate, promoting lush, green growth, strengthening stems leading to larger, stronger plants and remediating discoloured or rusty leaves.

Anarchy Nutrients Cal Mag can be safely used throughout your grow as a preventative measure or can be applied at any stage of growth to resolve any plant deficiencies.

  • Correct magnesium and calcium deficiencies in plants 
  • Enhance the growth rate of plants
  • Promote lush, green growth 
  • Strengthen stems leading to larger, stronger plants
  • Mitigate blossom end rot 
  • Remediate discoloured or rusty leaves in plants

– Anarchy Nutrients Terpz

Increasing terpenes in your grow is crucial as they contribute to plant defence, aroma and flavour, enhancing the quality and potency of the final product while serving as natural pest deterrents.

Anarchy Nutrients Terpz is a 100% organic bio stimulant, formulated to boost terpene, resin and oil production in plants, utilising natural minerals, plant stimulants, vitamins, amino acids and botanical extracts to enhance yields and improve the overall quality of your product.

  • Insane oil production / Terpene
  • Increase Brix Levels
  • Stimulates secondary metabolite production and essential oil production in plants
  • Increase yields
  • Enhances the uptake of nutrients
  • Adds depth to the flavour of fruits and improves final appearance.
  • Sticky high quality end product

– Anarchy Nutrients Rush (Foliage Spray)

Anarchy Nutrients Rush is a fermented seaweed extract containing plant extracts, essential minerals, and natural growth regulators. Its growth hormones aid plants during flowering, fruit set, and fruit fill, reducing stress and boosting productivity. When applied at the correct stages, it enhances various plant processes for optimal yield and quality. It relieves stress from drought or excess moisture, aids photosynthesis and promotes carbohydrate production.

  • Increases starch (sugar), oil, terpenes and resins content in buds
  • Faster growing plants to reduce grow cycle
  • Increases fruit and bud size and enhances favourable colour and flavour characteristics
  • Stimulates root development and branching
  • Improves stress tolerance (particularly cold stress)
  • Helps to decrease the incidence of pests and diseases
  • Increases the rate of production, transport and storage of sugars within the plant
  • Activates the enzymes involved in the build-up of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the major carrier of energy in plant metabolism 

– Anarchy Nutrients Veganix

Anarchy Nutrients Veganix is a complete bio fertilizer containing a perfect synergy of Aloe Vera, seaweed, natural ingredients, and functional microorganisms. It provides essential micro nutrients, amino acids, natural plant growth regulators, enzymes, and humic acid. With 80% organic Aloe Vera, it delivers beneficial natural phytochemicals and polysaccharides crucial for superior plant uptake, resulting in healthier plants with a strong immune system and higher yields of more nutritious crops.

Plants respond positively to Anarchy Nutrients Veganix, experiencing happier growth and enriched soil fertility. The majority Aloe Vera ingredient acts as a perfect carrier for beneficial microbes and other natural ingredients, stimulating the plant root system and enhancing nutrient absorption. Additionally, Aloe Vera suppresses negative plant pathogens, contributing to overall plant health and vitality.

All fertiliser ingredients contained in this product are of plant origin, Aloe Vera Extract, Seaweed and Molasses. 100% Vegan

All ingredients are subject to fermentation with inoculated functional microorganisms.

  • Root Stimulator
  • Calcium Magnesium booster
  • Grow booster super healthy plants
  • Salicylic Acid for maximum growth and plant health nutrient uptake
  • Microbes for massive root growth
  • No need to buy multiple products

Anarchy Nutrients commitment to sustainability predates every aspect of their operations, from ingredient sourcing to packaging and distribution. Their products are formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients and they prioritise minimal waste and reduced environmental impact throughout the production process. Anarchy Nutrients actively seek to educate and empower growers to adopt sustainable practices in their cultivation endeavours and promote a holistic approach to gardening that nurtures both plants and the planet.

Through their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility they have carved a niche as a trusted ally for Aussie growers seeking to unlock the full potential of their gardens.